Python Software Engineer

AlliedOffsets, a project developed by AlliedCrowds, has a unique mission: to combine technology, data, and finance in order to bring radical transparency to carbon offsetting. We have done this by creating the world's most comprehensive database on everything related to carbon offsets.

This data has been used by the world's leading firms and development organizations for price discovery, bespoke analysis, and identifying potential bad actors in the space.

We are looking to build on our success by hiring a technical lead to build data structures to gather, analyze, and share the data behind carbon offsetting projects in scalable ways.

The Role
We are seeking a Python developer to join our small, driven, and entrepreneurial team. You will have considerable freedom in testing out and finding solutions to the challenges we're looking to solve, and we will prioritize candidates who have a drive to outgrow this role. The majority of your day-to-day activities will include: 
- Building out the functionality of our API: We continue to add features to our API as our client base expands. The bulk of these features will involve building our microservices to expose more of our data for client requests. 
- Adding end-to-end functionality and features to our data pipeline: Responsibilities will range from developing our machine learning algorithm and improving the natural language processing engine, to tinkering with Tableau Dashboards we use to display the data to clients. 
- Developing awesome products and tools for our clients: At our core, AlliedCrowds is a technology firm. Whether it is building the first crowdfunding platform in Ecuador, or a custom client to integrate with our API, we are always working on new and interesting projects that have a positive impact on the world!

Minimum Qualification
- Experience using Python libraries including pandas, scikit, numpy, nltk, matplotlib, jupyter
- 2+ years data science (machine learning, NLP, cleaning data, data pipeline management)
- 2+ years of demonstrated web development (building web applications in Python)
- General understanding of SQL, NOSQL, and other DBMS
- Advanced knowledge of testing methodologies and an uncompromising ethic around automated testing
- Ability to communicate effectively on both technical and non-technical levels

Preferred Qualification
- Technical degree (Math, Computer Science, Engineering)
- Previous experience at a SaaS or data science firm
- Experience with microservices architecture


To apply, please send your CV/resume with a cover letter and example of work to Visa sponsorship opportunities available for qualified candidates.