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AlliedCrowds has a unique mission: to combine technology, data, and finance in order to disrupt development. We do this by creating innovative products and new financing models that unlock capital for entrepreneurs in emerging markets, enabling them to grow their businesses, hire new employees, and contribute to the global economy. Since its founding, AlliedCrowds has consulted for some of the world’s largest development finance institutions, multilateral aid agencies, and private companies involved in development, including UNDP, GIZ, IFC, IsDB, and others.

The Role

The role gives you considerable ownership of your responsibilities within AlliedCrowds. Depending on your ability, you will work on one or more of the following:

  • Building web based products for clients, for example the IsDB Innovate

  • The development of our own products and services, including our public website, the Capital Finder API and our backend data management tools

  • Data gathering, processing and analysis, read the Natural Language Processing blog from our CTO for an idea of the type of analysis you will be working on.


You will be working directly with the CTO on one or more of the following:

  • Developing awesome products and tools for our clients: Examples include building the first crowdfunding platform in Ecuador, or a custom client to integrate with our API. We always have new and interesting projects.

  • Building out the functionality of our public API: New features will include tighter integration with our data pipeline, and additional microservices to handle new client requests.

  • Adding features to own products and services: This includes the improvement of our public website, as well as improving the usability of our internal tools.

  • Adding features to our data pipeline: Responsibilities will include developing our machine learning and natural language processing engine.

  • Data visualization and report generation: Data is at the core of what we do and it’s essential to present this in an intuitive and usable way. It will be your responsibility to create aesthetic representations of our data in online tools and print reports

Minimum Qualifications

  • Experience using Python libraries including pandas, scikit, numpy, nltk, matplotlib, jupyter OR

  • Experience using JavaScript frameworks including Vue, React, or Angular

  • 1+ years data science (machine learning, NLP, cleaning data, data pipeline management) OR

  • Experience using graphing and visualization libraries, such as D3 or Plotly

  • 1+ years of demonstrated web development (building web applications in Python or JavaScript)

  • General understanding of SQL, NOSQL, and other DBMS

  • Knowledge of testing methodologies and an uncompromising ethic around automated testing

  • Ability to communicate effectively on both technical and non-technical levels

Preferred Qualifications

  • Technical degree (Math, Computer Science, Engineering)

  • Previous experience at a SaaS or data science firm

  • Experience with microservices architecture


To apply, please send your CV/resume with a cover letter and example of work to Visa sponsorship opportunities available for qualified candidates.

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