We’re an innovative start up with extensive experience in technology and finance.

About Us

AlliedCrowds combines technological innovation with financial knowledge to create products and services that
make the world a better place. Everything we do is built to increase transparency and speed, scale across geographies and crowd in capital to where it is needed most.

Our solutions are used by the largest development organizations in the world, including the World Bank, the UN, and GIZ.


We have decades of combined experience in finance, technology, and data analysis. Members of our leadership team are recognized as a leaders in the spaces of technology, finance, and international development.

AlliedCrowds Launch

Lars Kroijer launches AlliedCrowds to track crowdfunding in emerging markets


AlliedCrowds launches first report focusing on crowdfunding across emerging markets



AlliedCrowds and UNDP launch GreenCrowds, the first crowdfunding platform in Ecuador

FSD Africa commissions AlliedCrowds to create the most comprehensive overview of crowdfunding activity in East Africa



AlliedCrowds builds the Capital Finder, a comprehensive database of alternative investors in emerging markets

UNDP commissions AlliedCrowds to create a comprehensive overview of investors in the social finance space in Indonesia



AlliedCrowds releases the first report on alternative finance in emerging markets, based Capital Finder data



AlliedCrowds spends summer abroad, setting up in Kenya to become better integrated into the entrepreneurial ecosystem

WGEO commissions AlliedCrowds to build the WGEO Capital Finder, connecting green economy entrepreneurs to funders

AlliedCrowds launches the SDG Capital Finder, a public
resource that shows funders aligned with the Sustainable
Development Goals



AlliedCrowds opens up its Capital Finder API, allowing anyone to be able to generate custom altfin reports



AlliedCrowds and GIZ launch the Entrepreneurs’ Guides to Investment in Kenya and Nigeria at Afrolynk conference in Berlin

AlliedCrowds launches IsDB Innovate for the Islamic Development Bank promoting funding for science, tech, and innovation

Startups Added to Database

AlliedCrowds adds startups to our database of investors,
opening new opportunities for the Capital Finder





AlliedCrowds launches the GCIC Investor Directory,
a comprehensive tool for Ghanaian green business entrepreneurs to identify sources of capital for their business

Funding for Marine Litter Prevention

AlliedCrowds and UNEP present unique research on funding for marine litter prevention at an expert group meeting in Bangkok

AlliedCrowds and GIZ launch the interactive Guide to Investment, building on the success of the written guides

Our Team

We have decades of combined experience in finance, technology, and data analysis. Members of our leadership team are recognized as a leaders in thinkers in the spaces of technology, finance, and international development.

Lars Kroijer


Lars has two decades of financial market experience, and is author of "Money Mavericks" and “Investing Demystified”. He has a BA from Harvard University in economics and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

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Malcolm Kapuza


Malcolm leads the development team at AlliedCrowds. He has over 8 years of academic and professional software development experience. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from Boston University with a BA in Economics and Mathematics.

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Anton Root

Head of Research

Anton is in charge of conducting alternative finance research, implementing client projects, and identifying leads. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from New York University and obtained his MSc in Economics at SOAS.

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