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The Capital Finder is the largest API-enabled database of alternative capital providers in the developing world.


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Capital Finder

Capital Finder

The Capital Finder is the leading database for alternative finance in emerging markets. It's a powerful data tool, enabling macro level analysis, as well as keyword searching, sorting, and filtering across our proprietary dataset. It also allows for bespoke matchmaking of entrepreneurs and investors.

Developer Friendly

Developer Friendly

AlliedCrowds provides the tools to allow developers to fully integrate the Capital Finder with any third party system. This allows you to use the Capital Finder in your already existing data pipeline, website, mobile application, or product.

Interactive Data

Interactive Data

The Capital Finder has millions of data points to explore, compare, and correlate with existing data sets. This allows your organization to identify unique trends and actionable opportunities.

Private Equity and Venture Capital in Af

Industry Leading Research

Industry Leading Research

Using the Capital Finder, we’ve produced industry-leading research and reports on alternative finance in emerging markets. The Capital Finder is also able to auto-generate reports: check out this blog by our CTO on how you can use our API to create bespoke documents  for your organization.

Latest from AlliedCrowds

Alternative Finance Data for Emerging Markets: Explaining the Capital Finder (Part I)

One of our flagship products at AlliedCrowds is the Capital Finder, which has a lot going on under the hood. I decided to write a three part blog series to help our readers better understand what we are up to and why it is important.

Malcolm Kapuza    |   April 9, 2019

Alternative Finance Data for Emerging Markets: Building the Capital Finder (Part II)

In this second part, I go into detail about where we source our different alternative finance data points and how we turn this data into one coherent and intuitive view of developing world alternative finance.

Malcolm Kapuza   |   April 9, 2019

Alternative Finance Data for Emerging Markets: Natural Language Processing (Part III)

In this final part of the series, I walk readers through the steps — and even some of the actual code — that makes this all possible.

Malcolm Kapuza    |   April 9, 2019

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