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IsDB: Funding Innovation Around the World

We have extensive experience in technology and finance. Below is just some of our work.



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Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

IsDB Innovate is a network of crowdfunding platforms that allows entrepreneurs in the science, technology, and innovation sector to connect with a global pool of donors.

Crowdfunding allows individuals from around the world to understand what kind of projects IsDB supports, and contribute to them directly. 


The mission of IsDB Innovate is to highlight the exciting science, technology, and innovation firms creating sustainable solutions for the world’s toughest problems. The platform showcases IsDB’s Transformers: innovators who have been recognized by the bank for their ideas. Visitors can learn about the exciting projects IsDB is supporting, and also contribute to funding the ideas.



To date, IsDB Innovate has helped to fund 24 companies from over a dozen countries around the world. Many come from places that are not usually thought of as innovation hubs, helping to change the narrative of where new ideas are being generated. More than a million users have seen the site, inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs and showcasing IsDB’s work.



The platform is built in a way that allows IsDB to launch new platforms for countries within days. This allows the Bank to create platforms for its Transformers Roadshow, allowing the winners to be able to showcase their projects and raise money in addition to what they receive from IsDB.


Diabetes are a global problem without a solution - we have developed a glucose monitoring system that is small and affordable.

Low-Cost Glucose Monitoring Unit

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California, United States

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