Below is a comprehensive list of all our reports — both those commissioned by our clients, and those we’ve put out ourselves.

Nature-Based Solutions in Carbon Offsetting

  • Unique analysis of Forestry and Land Use in Southeast Asia

  • Project Spotlight

  • Country Profiles for Indonesia and Vietnam

  • Market Sizing for Carbon Offsetting

Carbon Offsets: Pricing Data

  • Unique Carbon Offset Pricing Data

  • Reseller and Registry Data

  • Overview of Verifiers

  • 400 Projects Analyzed

Landscape of the Carbon Offset Market

  • Unique Data Analysis

  • Four Voluntary Registries and CDM

  • Interviews with Experts

  • Highlighting Innovative Startups

Smart Cities in Asia

  • Unique Sector-Level Data Analysis

  • Interviews with Experts

  • Spotlight on Three Cities

  • Key Industry Trends

Clean Energy in West Africa

  • Data Analysis on Key Sectors

  • Interviews with Experts

  • Spotlight on Ghana

  • Public vs. Private Funding

Entrepreneurs’ Guide to Investment in Kenya

  • Directory of Tech Investors in Kenya

  • In-Depth Profile for Each Investor

  • Practical Advice on Fundraising

  • Investment Glossary

Entrepreneurs’ Guide to Investment in Nigeria

  • Directory of Tech Investors in Nigeria

  • In-Depth Profile for Each Investor

  • Practical Advice on Fundraising

  • Investment Glossary

Cryptocurrency in Emerging Markets Directory

  • Cryptocurrency Heatmap

  • Fiat Currency Comparison

  • In-Depth Profiles

  • Cryptocurrency Markets at a Glance

Crowdfunding in Asia Directory

  • Crowdfunding Heatmap

  • In-Depth Profiles

  • Crowdfunding at a Glance

  • Crowdfunding Relevance to Asian Countries

Impact Investing in Africa Directory

  • Impact Investing Heatmap

  • In-Depth Profiles

  • Impact Investors at a Glance

  • Impact Investor Relevance to African Countries

Private Equity and Venture Capital in Africa Directory

  • PE/VC Heatmap

  • In-Depth Profiles

  • PE/VC Funders at a Glance

  • PE/VC Relevance to African Countries

Crowdfunding’s Potential in the Caribbean: A Preliminary Assessment*

  • AlliedCrowds Data Used for Unique Analysis

  • Caribbean Crowdfunding Landscape

  • Regulatory Roadmap

  • Enabling and Constraining Factors

Developing World Alternative Finance Report: September 2017

  • Impact Investing Heatmap

  • Top Countries for Impact Investing

  • Sector Comparison: Agriculture vs. Green Tech

  • Spotlight: Somalia

  • Impact League Table

Developing World Alternative Finance Report: June 2017

  • AltFin in Africa Heatmap

  • Top Sectors Across the Continent

  • AltFin in Africa League Table

  • Spotlight: West Africa

  • Breakdown by Funder Type

Overview of Social Finance in Indonesia

  • Investment Opportunities in Indonesia

  • Social Entrepreneurship Stakeholder Mapping

  • Social Finance in Indonesia

  • Regulatory Roadmap

  • Recommendations to Develop Social Finance

  • Complete Database of Funders

Developing World Crowdfunding Report: 2016 Year End

  • 2015 Statistics

  • 2016 Forecast

  • Recapping the Year

  • Crowdfunding Regulations

  • Crowdfunding and the SDGs

East Africa Crowdfunding Landscape Study

  • Complete Market Landscaping

  • Model Breakdown by Country

  • In-Country Heatmaps

  • Comparison to Mature Markets

  • Emerging Trends

  • Recommendations for Development

Crowdfunding for Entrepreneurship Report

  • Featuring interviews and insights from:

  • Kiva

  • Indiegogo

  • Funding Circle

  • Global Entrepreneur Week

Developing World Crowdfunding Report: November 2015

  • Crowdfunding in October

  • In the Spotlight: Jamaica

  • JOBS Act's Impact Abroad

  • Crowdfunding for Renewables

  • Platform Profile: Lendahand

Developing World Crowdfunding Report: October 2015

  • Q3 Numbers

  • In the Spotlight: Middle East and North Africa

  • Diaspora Crowdfunding

  • Crowdfunding for Refugees

  • Platform Profile: Ketto

Diaspora Crowdfunding Report

  • Market Overview

  • Benefits of Engaging the Diaspora Through Crowdfunding

  • JOBS Act's Impact Abroad

  • Non-financial Benefits of Diaspora Engagement

  • Case Study: GlobalGiving

Developing World Crowdfunding Report: September 2015

  • Expanding the AlliedCrowds Universe

  • In the Spotlight: Asia

  • Regional Leader: India

  • Crowdfunding for Disaster Relief

  • Platform Profile: Watsi

Developing World Crowdfunding Report: August 2015

  • AlliedCrowds Country Rankings

  • July Recap

  • In the Spotlight: South America

  • Regional Leader: Brazil

  • Crowdfunding for Education

  • Platform Profile: GlobalGiving

Developing World Crowdfunding Report: July 2015

  • Q2 Crowdfunding Recap

  • New AlliedCrowds Country Rankings

  • Crowdfunding activity in Africa

  • Sector spotlight: Renewable energy

  • Kenya's crowdfunding potential

  • Platform Profile: Indiegogo Life

Developing World Crowdfunding Report: June 2015

  • Find out what's trending

  • What countries are raising the most

  • Annual forecast of key metrics

  • Spotlight on Nepal

  • Insights into global state of crowdfunding

Crowdfunding in Emerging Markets: Lessons from East African Startups*

  • AlliedCrowds Data Used for Unique Analysis

  • Crowdfunding Best Practices

  • Platform Choice

  • Barriers to Payment

  • Key Takeaways for Entrepreneurs

* AlliedCrowds data was used in report

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