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Live Crowdfunding


We handle your crowdfunding projects from sourcing to active management.


Low-Cost Glucose Monitoring Unit

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California, United States

Diabetes are a global problem without a solution - we have developed a glucose monitoring system that is small and affordable.

Benefits to your organization

Benefits to your organization

With crowdfunding, funders are able to donate to or invest in entrepreneurs, projects, companies, or organizations they have never been able to fund before. For donation-based crowdfunding, this means individuals are able to support causes on a global scale by contributing a relatively small amount of funding. For lending- and equity-based crowdfunding, it gives investors a new way to support entrepreneurs.

Crowdfunding Technology Emerging Markets Fundraise Invest
Crowdfunding Technology Emerging Markets Fundraise Invest

How it Works


Our team will evaluate your specific use case and make recommendations on how to move forward.


Depending on the needs of your organization, we may implement a single campaign, a bespoke platform, or another our crowdfunding solutions.


Once built, we will either manage it for you, or perform handover training to ensure your staff is fully capable of moving forward.

Developer Friendly

Developer Friendly

AlliedCrowds provides the tools to allow developers to fully integrate the Crowdfunding API with any third party system. This allows you to use the Crowdfunding API in your already existing website, mobile application, or product.

Leading Experts in Crowdfunding

Leading Experts in Crowdfunding

Our team has decades of combined experience in building crowdfunding technology, running campaigns, and managing platforms. We have collected unique data in this sector and continue to keep a close eye on the crowdfunding industry to keep up with the latest trends, including in the realm of regulation.

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