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Software Engineer

AlliedOffsets is a leading provider of data and technology solutions on the voluntary carbon markets. We have built the industry’s first meta-registry of carbon offsetting projects, retirement transactions, corporate buyers, and intermediaries, in order to promote transparency and clarity for those looking to understand the carbon offsetting industry. Our data is used by some of the leading financial, academic, and professional services organizations in the world to analyze the market. Project developers also use our data to help new sustainable projects get off the ground, understand organizations to partner with, and create the right pricing structure for its offsets.

Our mission is to make the carbon offsetting market more transparent, enabling more quality carbon offsetting projects from being launched, with more of the financial benefits flowing to the underlying communities that the projects operate in.

Our products include subscription-based access to the database, bespoke client data gathering and visualization, and research reports for leading government and international development organizations.

As our team grows, we are looking for a software engineer to come help us build on our success to date!

The Role 👨‍💻👩‍💻
The role sits at the intersection of software developer and data scientist and gives you considerable responsibility and ownership of your path. At the core, it involves:
- Data engineering and analysis – extending the data pipeline which feeds our carbon market dashboard and bespoke analytics platform
- Developing the back-end code and infrastructure for the API – providing access to our offsets data to external clients
- Contributing to full stack projects, developing products both internally and for client – from web apps to visualize bespoke data requests, to more sophisticated apps that support the flow of alternative finance to emerging markets

Responsibilities 📊
You will be working on the following:
- Extending and maintaining the codebase for the data pipeline which feeds into our carbon offsets database
- Data gathering, processing and analysis; researching and implementing ways to unlock data from new sources (public websites, APIs, .pdf reports, etc.)
- Building out the functionality of our public API: New features will include tighter integration with our data pipeline, and additional microservices to handle new client requests.
- Overseeing the implementation of security and DevOps best practices for the deployment of our products.
- Working closely with our researchers, clients and other developers to understand this fast-moving field.
- Setting the technical direction of the company moving forwards, in collaboration with senior management.
- Developing awesome products and tools for our clients: Examples include building bespoke data dashboards or custom clients to integrate with our API. We always have new and interesting projects that promote international development and sustainability!

Technologies 🛠
The current team works primarily with Python (for data engineering, analysis and back-end development) and JavaScript (for front end development). We are looking for a candidate with strong experience in Python, and knowledge of JavaScript is a definite plus.
In terms of web frameworks, past projects have typically used some combination of Flask, Django and Vue. But ultimately we want to use the right tool for the job, and in this role you will have significant opportunities to shape our tech stack, moving forwards.
Depending on the candidate’s interests, there will be room to work with our other developers on the application of machine learning tools to extract and model data (e.g. PyTorch, TensorFlow).

Minimum Qualifications 🌱
We are looking for a candidate with at least 3 years of professional experience as a back end developer. Some flexibility on this is possible if you’ve worked on similar projects, either professionally or on sustained independent projects (if so, please share details in your application – links to github etc. are welcome where possible!)
- Significant experience with data engineering, or working on data-intensive back-end applications which involve cleaning and processing complex data.
- Experience maintaining, building and deploying rest APIs with frameworks like Flask, Django or FastAPI.
- A solid understanding of relational databases, and experience with or willingness to learn PostgreSQL.
Solid experience of security best practices for developing and maintaining APIs, and potentially handling sensitive data.
- Solid DevOps experience with at least one modern cloud hosting platform that’s appropriate for our products. (We typically use Heroku, but experience with AWS, GCP or others is very welcome.)
Experience using Python libraries for data analysis, such as pandas, scikit, numpy, nltk, matplotlib, jupyter.
- Ability to communicate effectively on both technical and non-technical levels, and to cultivate a supportive environment for more junior developers.
If you don’t quite tick all of these boxes, but feel as though you would be a good fit for this role, feel free to get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss further.

Preferred Qualifications 🌿
- Experience with Vue or other similar JavaScript framework
- Experience with simple NLP methods using Gensim and scikit-learn
- Knowledge of testing methodologies and an uncompromising ethic around automated testing
- Experience with microservices architecture

Perks 🎉
- Coming on board in the early stages of a startup with tremendous growth potential
- Joining a small, agile team with flat hierarchy and freedom to shape the role
- Having considerable autonomy to work on side projects
- Budget toward new computer
- Flexible working or office in central London, when desired
- Competitive salary
- Workplace pension

To apply, please send your CV/resume with a cover letter and a link to your github or example of work to

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